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Welcome to Institute of Social Sciences

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Your Future Starts Now


Welcome to the Institute of Social Sciences, where, since 1976, we ​have been teaching ​how to think about the world!

A great University is made of people, so your interest in our work is completely valued and appreciated for the construction of solid educational projects, prepared to answer to society's challenges.

Since foundation, ICS has been working to gather fundamental scientific areas in the construction of a truly university institution and this has made of us a cornerstone of the University of Minho. Archaeology, Communication Sciences, Geography, History and Sociology helped to create a modern and capable University, keeping up with time evolution and responding to the challenges.

Our offer is structured and articulated with the aims of a scientific, human and technical education, consistent and oriented to world's analysis, u​nderstanding and intervention.

ICS programs answer to the principle of contributing towards sustainable development and are deeply articulated with the needs of the institutions and organizations that welcome the professionals that we form here at ours undergraduate, master or doctoral levels.

We live in permanent attention to the world. Our educational offer evolves and spreads so we can remain prepared to emerging requests. And we know that Social Sciences are increasingly needed in a world that needs continual rethinking.

Education, research and permanent connection to the community will always be our axes and our strengths for a solid presence in the academic environment. The Community, the Country and the International Space constitute the triangle of action that sustains our competitive and differentiating advantage: always attractive and responsive, pertinent and daring, reflective and adequate.​

The Institute of Social Sciences is made of people for the world.
​The Presidency ​
​Helena Sousa
José Meireles
Teresa Ruão
Emília Araújo​​​

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