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Back Sociology (Doctoral Program) 2021/2022


Academic degree:
  • Doctorate
6 curricular semesters
Gualtar Campus, Braga (UM)
Main Scientific area:


    Institute of Social Sciencies
    Campus de Gualtar
    4710 - 057 Braga

    Tel: +351 253604216 / 253604280 Fax: +351 253604697


The PhD in Sociology at the University of Minho aims at the advanced training of professionals able to undertake functions of high responsibility and complexity of performance, in various areas of society. This course provides learning contexts oriented to theoretical, analytical and methodological tools which allow to address, in reflexive and innovative ways, with sociological problems by presenting social diagnoses and/or solutions.

This PhD promotes high-level basic and applied research in sociology by providing learning and training contexts for the design, implementation and development of scientific or social intervention projects in various contexts and organizations, in close collaboration with researchers from the Sociology department. Both in the context of social intervention and of development of innovative scientific research, this PhDcourse provides tools oriented towards the production of socially relevant and ethically responsible knowledge.

Key learning outcomes

The PhD course ensures that doctors in Sociology are invested of advanced and consolidated knowledge inthe field of sociology and are able to carry out autonomous scientific activity both In basic and applied research fields.

The training profile encompasses the following components:

1. Theoretical as showed in the capacity for systematic comprehension in a given scientific field of study;

2. Practical as demonstrated in the ability to conceive, design and carry out significant scientific research respecting the requirements imposed by the high standards of academic integrity and quality and critically analyse new and complex ideas;

3. Communicational as revealed in the ability to communicate with other peers and the remaining academic community and society in general within the research field;

4. Participative as reflected in the ability to promote within the academic and/or professional contexts the social and cultural impact of the research.

Access to higher education

The PhD holders can pursue research activity at post-doctoral level.


Doctors In sociology are qualified to develop high-level sociological research in diverse environments,including universities and research centers, civic and cultural organizations, local authorities, vocationaltechnicaltraining, socio-cultural activities, business and private companies, and other organizations andentities that require specialists in social analysis, capable of dealing with complex social realities markedby economic and cultural diversity.






Access forms

The access to this Cycle of Study can be done at the Students Portal of the University of Minho 

This information does not replace consultation of the Academic Regulations of the University of Minho and other official documents.

Formal requirements

In accordance with the legislation in force and the criteria specifically defined for this cycle of studies, specific entry requirements are:

a) persons who have a Master's degree in Sociology or related field;

b) persons who have an academic qualification considered equivalent;

c) graduated persons holding academic or scientific curriculum particularly relevant that is recognized as attesting the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the Institute of Social Sciences;

d) persons who have an academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognized by the Scientific Council.

The access to the Plan A is conditioned by previous mandatory approval of the oral and written presentation of a PhD project.

Application deadlines

Information on Application Deadlines can be found at:

Registration deadlines

Information on Registration Deadlines can be found at:

Aditional Information

Study Plan

Regime Curricular Unit Scientific Area ECTS
Year 1 2 3 180
TA Thesis SOC 180


A3ES Accreditation status:
Resolution publication date:
Registry number at Ministry:
R/A-Ef 2409/2011
Registry Date:
Accreditation validity: